HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


“An Eagle in Gaia’s Mind”:

Can’t decide if I finished/if it’s right or not. Been toying with this a few days. Very, very slight nudity, I’ll take down if it contravenes anything :slight_smile:

I like Boards of Canada :smiley:


“Dark Agartha”:

I did not get very adventurous with the shrooms, any further pictures I may do, perhaps… but those daze are long gone :wink:


hi me too but for another game …


“Father Cthulhu at the Gates of Time”:

He’s comin’! Might be a bit early for XMass images but, sales for Comsumermass started in October?

I’ve not been able to do much, learning Zbrush and I have some commissions to work on, which is nice :slight_smile:


“Father Cthulhumas”


“On a One Spawn of Cthulhu Open Sleigh”


“Dawn of Sonnac”:

Bought a webinar tutorial on post working. Scratching my head a bit.


Highly enjoy seeing Sonnac throw down. :smiley: You know he’s a bigger badass than that suit and tie and elegant deportment let on…


Lol, Tea Thief :slight_smile: Though I’ll need to work a bit on the post working to get the effect that this webinar does so
easily. So -

“Sonnac as Blade - The Rise of Cthulhu”:

I’ll experiment a bit with the style of work in the tutorial, it’s pretty hard to get the concepts down right.


“The Streets of Kaidan”:

I wanted to populate the street I had with more signs and stuff. Work in progress.


“Kirsten Geary - Illuminati Hand”

I did this before, but it was a little “off” and the bike was red previously :slight_smile:


“Flight of the Dragon”:

Trying a few tingz again.


“Dragon Rider”:


“The Illuminated”:


“Kaidan Street Blues”:

New production model rolls off the line from Orochi tower :slight_smile: Time for it to cleanse the streets of Kaidan. And become filth infected and controlled, lol.


“Gaia: An Eagle in Your Mind (Take 2)”:

I’ve been toying with this over the past few days. Getting a decent effect on the eagle is difficult. I might come back to this one, but it’s done… for now… :slight_smile:

Merry Gaiamas everyone!


“Chtulhu Black Dragon 2”:


“Cyber Dracos”:

Had to replace the background for this, hence the repost :slight_smile:


Happy New Year “2019”

All the Best from Growler the Howler, Terry Tentacles and Rott Zombie!


“Back to Back in the Kaidan Black 2”:

I did this before, a few months ago. It was ok, this is a bit better. Working a bit of lens mm trickery to widen the scene.