HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


“Iron Grey and the Steel Horse”:

I splurged a bit in the Festive sales :slight_smile:


“Elder God Pool”:

The Edler Gods having a social gathering at Cool Hand Cthulhu’s Pool Parlour.


“Sci Fi City - Horizons of the New Age”:

Going for a more complex sci fi city scene than I’ve managed previously. Kaidan 2049, well… it has SWL related billboards :slight_smile:


“The Infiltrator”:


Blodwedd Mallory’s new book… is coming soon!


In fact, it’s available for pre-order right now! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MZBSB3Q/


“IndiAndy Jones - Raiders of the Lost Mocha”:

Why so serious!?! :smile: Needed to do something completely different.


Love it!

Next… “The Spynosaur Who Loved Cats” [A James Bond motif with heavy feline overtones ]


Very nice idea, Caerfinon :slight_smile:


“The Spynosaur Who Replace Me”:

I did a fair amount of messing with the face morphs. Meh :slight_smile:


“Heart Stealer”:

Trying out sore gore. Viscious Dragon Martial Artist taking down some filth on the steps of a Kaidan Temple.


“Cyberpunk Kaylee and the Apple 02”

Another try at this one, with a bit more colour balancing, this is less completely blue. Upped and enhanced the rain effects and changed a few colours here and there. Homage to Firefly with the eating of the Shrubbery by Kaylee in a cyberpunk setting with a cyberpunked Kaylee.


“The Dark Leviathan Arrives 02”:

Lovecraft horror type image. I did a series of pencil drawing back when I wur a lad and have been converting them into acceptable digital art format over the years. I call these images “Pyschic-delic” pictures. Various imagery snatched from different sources… I’ll leave for any viewer to interpret :slight_smile: I have attempted this one a few times, hence why it’s named as Leviathan 02. I got a print out of the first version I did and it was a bit blergh so this is an update.


“Mounted Spew”:

Got a vending Machine model where all the cans have variations on famous names. This was one, so hence… this picture for Jimmytherabbit :slight_smile: Not sure if you are sponsored by the real stuff though, Jimmy :slight_smile:


“The Spear of the Heavens the Flowers of Hell”:

Slight play on words of the Michael Moorcock graphic novel entitled “The Swords of Heaven the Flowers of Hell”. I saw a just brilliant image on DeviantArt and extrapolated it to this image. This one being a lot different and not as good :slight_smile: I suppose Angel, cross and imagery qualifies it as a SWL related picture, lol.


“Templar Saida”:


“Earth Protector Gaia”:

A semi Psychic-delic image.


“The Valentine’s Day Dev Massacre”:


Shameless plug for Nine-Swords perhaps… but this is the animation I did for them:


“Times Vortex”

The Mad Organist summons the Time Vortex with his trusty companion guarding… just in case. A bit of crazy Steampunk :slight_smile: