Hoof prints, mounted vanity camera, mounted zoom, and dyed armor

Horses feel pretty great so far! Just some of my current wish list fixes for them after running around on testlive for a bit but here’s what I noticed so far:

  • Inability to see the hoof prints left on the ground much like you see foot prints from a player.
  • Inability to use the vanity camera while mounted.
  • Inability to dye horse armor.
  • Inability to move the camera into 1st person mode while riding or zooming out to get a better vision of the full horse model. (mainly care about being allowed to zoom out more than zoom in) It’s currently impossible to see yourself fully mounted at the moment unless you use an Ansel camera shot.
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As a sort of semi-permanent solution to this one, play with Settings:Video:Vertical FOV. This is wide angle, and I left the HUD up to show the blockage. For your uses, you may want to turn off the HUD.



Appreciate the tip! I generally play with the HUD off for streaming if I’m in a scene during an RP session, however I do like seeing my HUD to avoid accidental deaths from thirst and hunger… which I sadly have a track record with :sweat_smile: For temporary solutions though that’s fine.

I’m not a fan of cranking up the FOV as it can be really disorienting for me to look at generally and even more so after 1500 hours into the game on the default setting for it. I may have to take up this option temporarily for screenshots but I hope they’re able to adjust for it before they push this to live.

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I would agree with your list here. The vanity camera is a big thing for me too and not being able to access it while riding is something I hope they fix. I am also really hoping for dyable sadles. I put a lot of thought into colour scheme and he Sadle totally must match lol!

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Hey there,

We’re aware of this as it was recently reported in this other thread:

As per the hoofprints, we’ve sent note to our team for their consideration.
Thanks for the feedback.


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