Hopefully a reproduction to lure out the infamous build inconsistency bug

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Apparently ever since official launch there persists an inconsistency bug that, (sometimes), at re-log calculates certain build pieces as “Has lost stability”, that really have more than enough balance, and demolishes them.

As this sometimes also happens to pillars and foundations that really have full balance, it can be considered a bug. Based on this, and observing as to when this occurred, I can provide you with a reproduction.

For the reproduction it IS needed that you subscribe to a mod.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Subscribe to and activate the following mod:
    Less Building Placement Restrictions - Overlaps Edition

  2. Start the game, and go to a location of your choosing.

  3. Build at least 30 pillars on top of each other up.

  4. Here is where the mod comes in, place a ceiling on top of the pillar stack, and then stack foundations from under the ceiling along the pillars all the way down to the ground, so that all the pillar pieces are implemented “in” the foundations.

  5. To raise the chance of the inconsistency bug occurring, consider placing 10 of these pillar/foundation stackings. I am not entirely sure if the bug also occurs with such a low amount of build pieces being rendered.

  6. When you are done, move away, (Not teleport), from the stackings until they are no longer visible.

  7. Place a pillar or foundation at your feet to make the game auto-save, and log-out, exit the game.

  8. When the game is fully off, right-click the game-save and select ‘Read only’, to prevent the game from updating it.

  9. This is where the actual reproduction begins. Re-log back into the game, and once you are in, go back to the stackings.

Once the pillars and foundations come into view, and bits and pieces start to come off, (usually in this case the foundations), THAT will be your inconsistency :beetle:bug :beetle: . THAT is what you must observe internally.

If nothing falls off, then the bug did not occur. You will need to exit the game and log-in again and approach the stacks again until it does.

My guess is that it should occur within 5 tries. If it really does not occur, then maybe it is due to there not being enough build pieces being rendered. In my experience it happened to structures that had more than 4000 pieces.

Please send me a message if this reproduction did not work. Will offer my latest game-save as a last resort to find this bug.

Could it be the mod that is causing the trouble?

Cannot say. You never had parts of your build missing after re-log on an official server?

No. I have not.

Have you addressed the problem with the mod creator?

Not really.

I suggest making that effort as the mod creator should be made aware that there is a problem and since they created the mod, they are in a better position to correct the problem.

If you do not mind, I would like to wait until Funcom tries out this reproduction.

No, the mod doesn’t cause stability issues. Just adding that in since that claim was made. (I’m the mod author).

There is a validity check (as of the latest patch) now which the mod can cause to trigger, which is outlined in the PDF at the top of the mod page. But that’s something else.

The mod can also make vanilla bugs more obvious in some aspects. Such as what’s being reported here. Essentially, it’s losing its stability when it shouldn’t be. It’s a hard bug to reproduce in vanilla, but it can and does occur.

As far as I know, Funcom is already aware of various stability inconsistencies. This might be one of them. It can be a possible clue for all I know though. Modding is how I’ve discovered and fixed many vanilla bugs over the past year so, why not right?


Hey there @Kumiko

Sending this to our team to see if it can help bring us closer to a reliable repro case for this pesky bug.
Thanks for the feedback.


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