Horizontal Scale

You have a huge and awesome map, but support only 40 players. It seems a bit sad.
I would suggest to develop a horizontal scale for support more than 40 players on a game server.
If it is hard to implement. Maybe another idea:
Develop the possibilty to balance the map until 3 servers. One for each region (North-South-Swamp), 40 players cap each, and switch server when teleport (or walk) to another region. If you choose to distribute, of course.
120 players with no lag, the dream.

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But what if I’m coming back from the north but can’t because the desert is full?

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Zoning into a full desert should kill the player that has been there the longest and teleport them into the volcano.
Boom, problem solved!

Actually in FFXIV when the last expansion was released, they had multiple instances for all the new zones. You could choose which instance to go into to be with your friends.
After the rush died down, they removed those instances and left just one for all players.

Perhaps they could implement something like that here; or simply run each zone off of a different server with a total player cap of 120 per cluster (or some other arbitrary number) instead of a cap per zone. No idea, maybe there are technical limitations that prevent this but it’s an idea.


You mean the players that have been in the base they have located in the desert, should be teleported away as an invading force enter the zone?

I meant nothing. It wasn’t a serious statement.

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Maybe you could have the possibility to chose multiple servers when going to different biomes? Just have to remember or favorite which are the one’s you’ve built on.

Yes, like ExNihiloish said, a lot of strategies could work. The main idea is possibility more players in one map.
I said 40 because the game was designed for 40 players, but it runs with 70 players sometimes. The ExNihiloish’s idea is good, 120 players cap on the server master.
The main idea is distribute and possibly more players, more fights, raids, buildings, chat, etc. The ways is by our criativity and funcom. :slight_smile:

having played on a few servers with the caps raised to 70, most can’t handle more than 40. After that you get rubberbanding and lag. At 60+ you start getting workstations and items in your inventory disappearing, recipes not loading, and NPC’s stop reacting. There are a couple that have somehow worked those issues out, but they’re few, and it’d be safe to assume the officials wouldn’t be them