Horrendous ping for Oceanic server for 4 days

Is it the conan server or Australia in general?
My ping for Asian servers about 90ms.
American servers 120ms
The oceanic server that I play on 250ms.
Luckily for me its a conflict server and I cant play with the 140 ms limit, not that playing at 250 holds much allure.

EDIT: Every server in existence (excluding EU) is pinging faster then no.1952

Could be ‘Straya mate. I’ve got some hectic stuttering on my PVE server at the moment.
I logged out and back in, seemed to fix it a bit.

I wish it were, i think sever 1952 is fked.
I tested the oceanic servers using pubg 127ms.
Every american servers kick 1952’s ■■■.
The other Oceanic conflict server is consistently faster, but not by a lot.

Reset it, its trashed.

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