Horrible AI for combat

Why the heck the AI is so bad now? Your followers like to be hit and do nothing. Seems the mobs/enemies AI is sharper and your follower is dumber than ever. Got my Berserker spanked almost to death for most of the enemies they used to kill fast.

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The AI works just fine for me. It seems your thrall is set on passive.
If you didn’t understand how the new system works, feel free to re-watch the last devstream. They explain everything you need to know.
Also if you’d like to submit a bug report this could help:

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I’ve 1.300 hours on Ark and almost 1k on Conan. I know exactly what’s happening and the AI is worse than ever. Seems the enemies AI is way more aware and responsive than thralls. And seems there was any “rebalance” that the thrall is taking damage more often and can’t even finish a two handed combo 'cause it simply don’t want to.

And as i complained like a lot of other players THE SAME BUG AS THE TESTLIVE CLIENT of we can’t see our follower’s life bar. They can’t even patch correctly when they have a test client, they patch both with the same problem. Really?

Nice. 1976 server where i play just gone offline. Can’t have enough frustration. Now what?

Making mutiple posts/replies about nothing won’t help. If you want to help, I suggest making a properly documented bug report or just wait for a fix.


I won’t. There’s no technical note that replaces the many complains that they received and is well known problem. My thrall just died in the dungeon right now, you know why? The server got down, i got dropped, i came back, tried to rescue him, he was dead. My favorite thrall. IS THIS ENOUGH FOR YOU? THE GAME WAS PLAYABLE FINE.

The new AI is a crap, thrall running around you and don’t atttack, i died alot in UC just because my thrall just follow me and don’t do nothing :slight_smile:

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