Horse Attacking Unconscious NPCs

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug ]

While having a horse on Follow, it will continue to attack unconscious NPCs that you’ve knocked-out and are trying to drag. It becomes a game running from your horse while dragging the Thrall behind you. I don’t believe this is intended. As human Thralls do not continue to attack or club once an NPC is unconscious.


Good catch. I have not experienced this but I don’t spend a lot of time on horseback.

Did you knock the NPC out while you were dismounted?

Did you remount your horse after knocking them out?

My guess is the horse got stuck in an attack loop. I knocked someone out while riding once and didn’t have an issue with the horse attacking. Not that this shouldn’t be fixed, but I bet a good work around would be to remount the horse then dismount and drag.


Yes, I don’t often use a horse. So I’m not great at using them to attack/club while mounted. So I’ve been hoping off, to club. The horse will in my experience continue to attack the unconscious NPC while you run away with it roped.

No, had to run the Thrall to my wheel. :slight_smile:

Agreed. :black_heart:
Just wanted to mention it.


Hi @Zeb, thank you for pointing out this issue, we’ll register it for the developers to look into.

Could you just clarify if the issue occurs at all times you knock out a thrall while the horse is on follow, or is it somewhat random?

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