Horse get stuck. Invisible barrier

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On the beautiful island of Siptah, where I ride my horse, I get stopped at invisible spots.
All of them were in the new landmass.
2 times happened as i was trying to get out of water
1 time happened right after we jumped through some difficult rock passage
There was never any player made structure nearby. This happened in the wild.
Also it’s not a server issue, because i can just solve it by getting down from the horse.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Ride your horse
  2. Your horse doesn’t go further. It’s twitching/stuttering back and forth (is that what people call rubberbanding? I’ve seen it on servers with bad connection but never on Siptah)
  3. Get down from the horse
  4. Walk 2 meters, climb the horse again and ride away. Everything is fine.
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Hi @Halk

We are currently investigating the mount issue that can happen in water.
If you can, could you please send us a video of the horse having this problem on the difficult rock passage, like you mentioned in your report?
If you are unable to record a video, please send us a screenshot of the map location and the coordinates.
This will really help out the team get to the bottom of this issue.

Thank you so much for helping us out.

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There, we are in water and cant get out. Horses stuttering back and forth.
Interestingly enough. I could see the water in my game. I dont see it in the screenshot.


The overlay may disable some transparency, and so make water nearly invisible with it. What overlay do you use ?

The horse in water-bug was reported by different players as i know.


I had one instance that was on land. Will send a screenshot the day i pass by again…
I know its been reported but i think they want locations of every spot that sticks because they need to polish the map.


It’s not the map, it’s interactions making stop the horses.
You can pass same spot on horseback without problems, but if there is any interaction, be it eating, drinking, drawing, remowing weapons/tools, crafting items, or even meat spoiling in inventory, this may stop the animation of the horse.
Same if you have a bow equiped, and enter water, it will desequip the bow, and stop your horse. Then the only way is dismounting, to destuck it. Without these interaction same spot can mostly be passed without issue.

This doesn’t mean that there can’t be some spots where horses can stuck in a “normal” way, but that’s what i experimented with this bug the last days.


Then you’re talking about a different bug. I’ve been asked to provide coordinates so i do.
My mate and I were just riding away when we got stuck. No food, no weapon changing, nothing.
I’ve been stuck a few times like that. Just riding.

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Ok, will test if you post.

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L

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You trying to rotate your screen or something?

short-cut for coordinate in game.

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I’ve been getting a similar issue while mounted and not mounted.
Not consistently, but frequently in SP and MP modes.

It occurs at a transition point between entering the water and swimming. It can happen when entering or exiting the water, but at the transition point between the two.

The horse will suddenly stop when entering the water and fails to continue forward. Forcing me to dismount and return to the shore. (I can happen at any body of water deep enough to swim in)
When not mounted, I’ll become stuck in the transition loop while swimming across the “newb” river in the Exiled Lands.
Enter water, (stop error) transition, swim animation.
Loop, enter<>swim

It’s not invisible barriers. It occurs at the transition animation between walking, entering the water, begin swimming.

I’ve also noticed a stop error occur when diving for a chest of gold.
I can swim down, open the chest, retrieve the goods … but as soon as I attempt to swim up, I’m stuck unless I move laterally. Then I can swim up. During this time I am not crafting anything in my inventory.

I just ran a small test on intuition …
This occurred both while mounted or not mounted when I happened to be crafting silk from gossamer at that time.
So, on a hunch, I paused the crafting and I was able to enter the water without getting stuck in a loop. While crossing, I started the crafting again and sure enough, at the same rate as silk was being produced in my inventory, I was getting hit with that pause, swim animation. Soon as I paused it, I swam normally again.
I was able to enter the water and swim without issue.
But if I was crafting something in my inventory (silk, twine specifically … maybe other items), I would experience that pausing issue anytime I entered the water. If I did not “hit an invisible wall”, I was certainly stuck in a loop animation of entering the water and swimming.
But if I paused the crafting, I could swim normally.
However, when mounted …
If crafting, the horse will stop as it enters the water. Even if I pause the crafting at that point, the horse will not move forward or backward, but can only turn around … I am forced to dismount.
If I’m crafting when I dismount, I’ll be stuck in that start/stop animation. If I pause the crafting, I’ll swim normally when I dismount.

One more thing. Although it’s not consistent, even when doing nothing but riding, after just entering the water (and sometimes when at the point of transition to exit) it will get “stuck” as mentioned. It can happen anywhere on the Exiled Lands Map.
I haven’t trained a horse yet for Siptah, but I strongly suspect it’s the same as Halk describes.

Coordinates are in lower left corner of screen shot

Hey all,

We’re aware of an issue when moving through water with a mount. We seem to have identified the cause of this problem and we’re working on a fix for it, possibly for the next update (2.5).
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and sorry for having you deal with hydrophile horses for a while longer.

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Futhermore, it stopped me in the water without any horse at all. If you eat or drink while swimming you can get stuck. Sometimes turning camera helps.

Yeah, maybe, but coords on screens can’t be copied. Posted ones can, and directly but put in the console, 3 clicks to get to the place.

Yes, swimming has a similar problems, opening a chest, eating, drinking from water, or else going on in your inventory will also make you stop.
Especially ennoying when you run underwater-dungeon.

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