Horse Inventory Bug Ate my ROTRM bow:(

I’ve been farming the reach of the red mother forever and I finally got the bow to drop twice in twenty four hours.

When it dropped the second time I placed it on my horse paranoid that If I died someone would loot it. I was happy to have a back up to this rare bow.

I died however and on returning to the I named city a few minutes later to where I died my horse was alive, but my bow missing from the inventory. It’s been a day and I’ve checked and unloaded her inventory several times hoping it will show back up.

It hasn’t sadly and I’m very upset. This is a horrible bug nobody should have to deal with on such a rare item drop.

I wish to be compensated I want the how returned to me please. Server 2804
Sackville is my gamer tag.

I’ve been playing and paying for every dlc since the launch of this game and I feel I should be compensated with some good customer service here. I guess we will see just how good funcoms customer service is because we’re this WoW and this happened they would make it right.

Here’s to hoping.

You seem to have left out some useful information. Like, all of it. Maybe fill out the bug report?

Sorry new to these forums. I detailed the events. Thanks for reading.

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I have yet to here anything from funcoms on this. Just crickets. I understand that funcom isn’t the financial corporate monster blizzard is, but when you had a problem with a bug in wow You created a ticket and usually within an hour an actual person was chatting with you in game doing their best to make it right.
With funcom customer service doesn’t exist. Nobody will be contacting you at any point. It’s bad business practice and one reason why after giving them all my pennies for every content over the years for Conan they may have gotten their last from me until they step up and actually have something resembling real support for their customers.

FC offers no replacements for lost items…it sucks, i know…can you still use all 8 slots on your horse? Maybe the bow is still there, just bugged. Prehaps try to rescue horse from thrall management menu. If bow is still in its inventory, in theory, it should drop when horse is rescued…worth a try maybe…

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