Horse is almost useless until now, cuz at pvp’s the most of players STILL use pets/thrall, just cuz ITS BETTER, simple like that, i say useless because also you CANT FARM with him since he doesnt run full cap

so… why using a Horse? just for exploring the map / traveling, but you gonna do it WITHOUT your slave to help you

My suggestions is to allow a Pet WITH the Horse and DECREASE Horse damage, you can EVEN CANCEL his attacks, our Horse doesnt NEED TO ATTACK (and im not talking about US attacking mounted, dont be dumb please)

ALSO to Allow farming full cap with the HORSE, it could be ONLY if you are full cap build, but it would be nice if we get full cap at any build and the HORSE STILL RUNs, BECAUSE A HORSE IS A HORSE, HE CAN CARRY HEAVY WEIGHTS, why could us carrying a planet in our backs and our horses dont?

If you are over encumbered put the heaviest items in the horses inventory, until you are not encumbered.
the horse will then run full speed.

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