Horse stats revert back to pre-3.0?

When AoS 3.0 dawned, pets and horses received major nerfs toward their stats.
It’s been like that for some time and stayed coherent to the attribute system change.
But now, since Chapter 3 released, their stats revert back to pre-3.0?

My horse, before Chapter 3, once had 2.3k health, now has 12.3k health.

Is everyone having the same issue?
Or it’s potentially caused by a mod.
Hard to tell.

Yes they changed the HP of the horses, its in the patch notes.

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Horses (not pets) got a needed health buff in chapter 3 (listed in the patch notes). Prior to AoS (3.0) an average horses’ health was around 4.5k, now I would dare to say that the average is around 10k, so much better than it used to be. They were unnecessarily nerfed in the 3.0 update and have needed this buff for a while now. I’m grateful they came back and reevaluated the horses. Thank you Funcom. :+1:


Thanks for your answer.
Looks like we are entering a Hyborian Age!

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