Horses disappear when you create them

I created two horses today and when they finish they disappear, i’m pretty mad at the new update

Just to confirm, is this happening on official? Could it be that someone stole it?

Also, can you give more details about what’s happening? Are you watching the foals in the stable and when the taming finishes there’s nothing inside? Or did you get the adult horses into your inventory, but they disappear when you place them? Or is it something else?

When the taming is over, there’s nothing inside :frowning:

Close the barn door

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As a farmer in real life, you dont know how accurate this statement is.


So how can they jump with the spikes on top?

Spec into 50 Agility and try yourself if you can get inside.

What spikes? You didn’t try to tame the horses in an animal pen did you?

ohhh no, but they have robbed me 3 times it is incredible people are very crazy, I have not seen anyone in my area

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no, apparently they have entered jumping with maximum agility, to jump the spikes of the fence

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This is both Wholesome and sad

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