Hostile thrall NPCs could do with some tweaking

I do not know for sure what the design intention was with how hostile NPCs use stacking status effects, but they very noticeably are a detriment to my enjoyment of the game. Mostly noticed how ‘railroad’ the expectation is to fight hostile thralls versus non human monsters in certain ways.

Was the hope to train, or have something in game, to by design fiat prep players for PvP? If so, would consider scrapping this whole approach. Limitations of A.I. just results in annoying NPCs that break immersion, and frustrate, with their ability to operate by another set of far less constraining rules.

I enjoy fighting the various monsters I come across, utilizing side steps, dodges, kicks or shield blocks. Then I fight a hostile thrall NPC, and immediately hate the combat system of the game, because of how much programmer fiat is obvious with their hits, status effects, drains off hit points, and other factors. Please if NPC thralls were meant to be a PvP tackle dummy, rethink this approach. The only way to learn PvP is by playing in the same set of rules as a human opponent, not a frustrating immersion and rule breaking A.I. NPC.