Hot Bath w/ optional Thrall functionality

I feel like it would fit with the barbarian aesthetic to have a hot bath structure we could build, with varying tech levels, from a simple wooden tub to something more extravagant. A hot steamy bath when you get home from adventuring, to rejuvenate and heal.

On top of that, make room for an Attendant thrall to operate the bathing station, and speed up that rejuvenation process. Just a little touch of utility and thematic expansion. Not suggesting anything too risque. Just a soak without a thrall, and bit of sponging off with a thrall. I dunno, something that popped into my head and kinda seemed right in the context of building a castle with a throne room.


I support the idea, but wouldn’t that require adding in a new Thrall type? Unless this idea would act as a secondary function for the Entertainer Thrall. I could see it fitting, not to mention it would also act as a water source if you’re away from one.


Mmm, bath water to quench your thirst lol

A good excuse to bring back the ability to add deployed thralls to inventory again, so they could be inserted into ‘decorational’ thrall stations. I definitely don’t think we need a new thrall type for this type of thing, if we could add dancer or fighter thralls to serve domestically. Theoretically a cooking thrall would have experience with a large vessel of heated water, but if they start adding sliced carrots and cabbage to my bath, I’m out!


What about herbs? You know, for a scented bath. Nothing harmful.

I hear Darfari cooks are the most skilled at serving people in hot baths, as well as the various additions to the bath water to make it more… delectable.


Still better than murky swamp water or (my favorite) the brimstone lake!

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The attendant thrall could easily be a dancer. Just make a subcategory for their description in the wiki. They already live to entertain and serve. What more is helping wash their… master?

Yes sounds good! And a sauna to!

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This has been requested a couple of times Klokkwork, and I would love to see it come to pass. Here is another past thread on it peoples, vote it up there too if you like to strengthen your calls.

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Probably best if I dont get into the specifics of what would transpire if one were to drink from either of those two sources on the forum. Needless to say that the results be be unpleasant.

Maybe taking a bath while putting in certain materials with the right thrall would grant a temporary buff.

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