Hotbar and stamina frozen after tool breaks

reproduction: OUTDATED

  1. Hold a torch and use a tool (I used a stonepick and stoneaxe)
  2. Mine till the tool breaks (you have to be overencumbered).
  3. Tool and torch disapearing from hotbar and nothing else on bar can be used. X Button and jump don’t working ether.
  4. Wait for the torch to burn down, after torch is broken too, hotbar works again.


  1. break tool (I used a stonepick and stoneaxe)
    bug happens random? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: without active torch only relogg can fix that bug

After further observations, I found out that sprinting no longer works and the stamina no longer fills up, when this bug happens.

the bug happens even if you are not encumbered or equipped with a torch. Breaking a tool seems to cause the bug. :confused:

does anyone else have this bug? For me it now occurs almost every time I use a tool until it breaks.

Not only Tools, also when a wapon breaks

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Hey @Dark_Overlord, thank you for pointing this out, we’ve registered the issue and will try to reproduce it internally.

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I will add here that hotbar is freezing when you hold down sprint key and change weapons/Tools.

I try to reproduce what i mean. I’ll give 2 ways to reproduce this, 1 with Tools and the other with weapons.

  1. Have a hatchet/Pick equipped and sprint towards a tree/vein. Start Harvesting while you still sprint. Once you are done harvesting, try equipping another tool/weapon. First time i press 2 on my hotbar, i have the hatchet on 2, the slot goes Black, on the second use the Tool reappears on the hotbar but it is not usable. Restarting the game fixes the usage of the Tool.

  2. Mount on a Horst and go fight something. You fight from horseback and once the fight is done, unmount and see that your weapon goes invisible on the hotbar. As in the example above, using the weapon hotkey for the 2nd time will make it visible, this time around the weapon is usable.

Total feeezing of hotbar can be avoided by repairing the weapon/Tool before it breaks, just to avoid a game restart each time.

Hey, I finally got this bug reproduced. :+1: I thought it was fixed on the last update.

The bug appears only when we have god mode ON in the admin panel. :nerd_face: The demigod mode does NOT trigger this bug.

If the player is using god mode, after breaking a weapon / tool, the player’s character stays in combat position and cannot use: the hotkey bar, weapons, running, jump…

Important: The bug disappears when the player is not in god mode and is hit by an opponent.
Note: Fall damage doesn’t seem to end the bug. :thinking:

Note: I noticed that after breaking the daggers, only one remained in my hand.

Reminder: The god mode option remains after restarting the game, you need to turn it off manually in the admin panel to prevent the bug from appearing.

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