Hotfixes for the Mother of all Patches

Right, down to the point for you PC Exiles:
We have been collecting your input up till now, since the big patch went live yesterday. Granted, there was a bit of sleep in there somewhere. Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to work without sleep just yet. :wink:

PC HOTFIX (scheduled for Saturday 7th of July)

The team started work on those issues as soon as they were up and we are aiming to have a hotfix for PC tomorrow, 7th of July. Keep in mind that this is an estimate.

We’ll announce in game before the servers go down and Patch Notes will be posted as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience in this and also for all the reports and feedback.
We appreciate you guys and girls, thanks for being awesome!


Please note: unfortunately we had to delay the hotfix until tomorrow. This means however you will get one hotfix where instead there would have been two. Very sorry for the delay! (the OP has been updated accordingly).