Hotkey not working


I often have the problem that I can’t use the hotkey for the Necro spell ‘Ice Shackle’. The target is in range and there is visual confirmation on the spell that it is being pushed. It is not on cooldown. Sometimes clicking the spell with the left mouse button works. Often it doesn’t. I remember I had the same problem with Bear Shaman protections before.

Death fixes this. Is there a less painful way?


I am not sure if you are in a group but:
You can’t use spell CCs and protection buffs if the target is already effected by them / similar ones (may it be an enemy effected by Quicksand root or your allies effected by a ToS protection spell or holy cleansing from a PoM in your example).
For Example: If a some mage uses a a stun that has a duration of 6 seconds you will not be able to use a stun spell that has a lower duration as long as the target is stunned by the ally’s spell.

If that still happens in solo fight situations then I don’t know what is causing this. Are you using a custom UI? Maybe there are some problems with it.


Ice Shackle itself is a slow and in the cases I noticed this the target wasn’t slowed. However, could it be that the spell can’t be used if the target is currently immune to slow? I’ve never played a class with a targetable CC before, so that might be the case. Although I would be surpred if the game is that smart.


Oh ok, I didn’t really remember whaz kind of CC that spell was, thought it sounded like a rooting CC.
The immunity buffs a target gets after a CC do not hinder you from using another one and “wasting” your CC on that target but in the case of PvE enemies that wouldn’t be a problem anyways because PvE enemies don’t get the resistance buffs like players do.


Actually the game doesn’t let you use targeted CC if the target has the immunity buff. Also in the case of your BS protections not working it’s the same thing, you can’t use protections if a “better” protection is already active.


Are you sure? I remember that I wasted a lot of CCs on enemies in PvP that still had the immunity buff (using ToS stun on a target that just got out of a Barb stun), the spell goes on cooldown but the enemy will resist, however it will not hinder you from using the spell.


This has happened to me, many times, with DT snare. I would spam the key with my target in front of me and not far away, without their having immunity, and it just wouldn’t work. It also happens with guard Reckoning, or Impale.


Dt snare spell misfires a lot. same as tos cobra stare. it isn’t due to any immunity it’s just that the spell mechanics are fkd.


I can confirm this, you continue clicking the spell and nothing happens, the spell does not look like it is unable to be clicked, you can actually click it and it takes its time to cast, but nothing happens and the spell does not reset. I think it is something they should fix, not that we can check all the icons a target has, getting blind here.


I paid some attention to this in regards to Ice Shackle and it seems like it’s indeed an intended mechanic to make it noob-proof. Whenever it didn’t work the target was immune to Snare.


necro’s snare is often blocked because of ice pet attacks that have a little snare too, maybe he hit your target during your casting time?