Hotswapping Weapons is broken

As of an unknown patch, using a perk now cancels hotswapping a weapon. You can also cancel hotswapping a weapon by opening (or closing) a backpack.

This breaks a ton of setups and should be fixed asap, please.

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Disagree. Nerf Srompus.

Yeah please fix it, my assault rifle soldier setup is RIP now :frowning:

Update: This affects gear swaps in general.
If you are equipping a scope, for example, if you open (or close!) a backpack during the swap, the swap bar will continue as expected but the scope will not equip.

Get on WhatsApp or ingame mtfk

lmao more and more things broken cause of rk19? :grinning: GJ FC, GJ… Gladly didn’t finish my sold yet, now i dont even need to…


Funcom ruined so many hotswapping setups by trying to fix that old stats exploit! Fix it please thats so dumb!

I downloaded WhatsApp but have no idea what I’m doing!

Send me a Facebook message telling me what to do!


Not limited to hotswapping, also affects equipping in general.
Still broken, bump.

This is so dumb. Are FC even aware how much this impacts gameplay of people who pvp?

Post-patch bump. Not sure if patch was supposed to fix this, but it’s still broken.

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