Hottest Stygian fashion trends



It looks like you glued some of those candy ropes on your head :smile:

Unluckily, the HoX cultural gear is no more pink, as it was at the beginning. It would have matched your hair color perfectly! :sweat_smile:

Isn’t there this one robe from iron tower that is pink and purple? Would fit very good I think :smile:

Yea, but on the old forum there was a screenshot of the old pink hox robe that was totally awesome! :rofl:
Unluckily I cannot find it anymore… :sob:

LOL! Amazing!

I have some old screenshots of the HoX culture armor from when it was pink:

Much better than the present sickly greenish color IMO…


Was it supposed to look like this or was this a bug? I remember there were some threads in the (very) old forums where people posted the PoM T1 / T2 set and it was white instead of dark blue.

And I agree, that pink looks a lot better!

On a female character, sure. :smirk:
But on male it looked totally weird! :laughing:

I saved a picture of that from the old forums as well :slight_smile:


Lol the facial expression says it all :sunglasses:

Hm… that male version of the HoX cultural armor always reminded me of a bathing robe or something like that :smile:

The female version always looked like an old fashioned bathing suit…

That’s exactly the one I reminded. :rofl:

At least we have the social dark blue version now, much better than the green too :sunglasses:

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Yep. Pity the cape is BOP :expressionless:
PS: Amazing avatar, where you got It?

If you meant my avatar, Zuji, it’s someone’s artwork of Mitra Persian Sun Goddess. Does look cool indeed :slight_smile:


It look so amazing :heart_eyes:

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