Hour of The Dragon - Twitch Drop Event Server for PS4 Streamers

Greetings Exiles… or Siptahrians(??)!

I’ve thrown together a PS4 PvP Server specifically for those of us streaming through the Twitch Drop Event to play on without the hassle of stream sniping, in-game trolling and the usual distracting malarkey we often encounter on official servers (lookin’ at you, foundation spammers).

Players will need to have at least one clan member streaming on Twitch at some point during the event, and that streamer will need to join the server’s Discord (for the server password, to spitball any collaborative hilarity, etc) OR players can be referred to the server by a streamer active on the server to lead a clan of their own.

Discord: https://discord.gg/SttTMe3
If you haven’t already, sync your Twitch & Discord accounts, it’ll make it much easier to vet you and get you set up quickly in Discord.

Sidenote: I’d also be pretty stoked to hear from experienced Discord Mods to run admin for me here - feel free to slide into my DMs here or in Discord for a chat.

Settings are mostly as per official PvP, but I’m happy to discuss tweaks over in Discord.

Pretty basic rules; no griefing, no undermeshing, keep your landclaim sensible.
The idea is to have a place Twitch streamers can explore the new map with all the risks, rewards, fun & brutality of PvP without having to wrangle the uglier side of the player-base on their stream. If you’re a dedicated salt-miner, this probs aint the server for you.