House is Blocking level 4 Thralls

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: House in Relic Hunter City is Blocking Armorer Thralls
Region: All ia ssume

A house is blocking the level 4 thralls, they still spawn but you can not reach them. You can ghost trough the house and see em standing there but you can’t knock em out. See screenshot

I saw another thread on this.

Apparently they’re still working on repopulating Sepermeru. But if they NPCs are already in the game, I’m not sure why they’d lock 'em up.

This house particular seems to be out of place, it meshes with the bricks in the area and if you try to climb it you will eventually glitch into it and if you are unlucky you won’t be able to get out except suicide or admin commands generally i feel they spread out npcs for launch i can barely find any of the old crafter thralls where they used to be either here or the pirate ship in the desert. Hope they fix this soon, either remove the house or move the crafters outside of it or something.