House of Rogues (RP/ERP server)

The House of Rogues, where during the light of the day, the strong fight to survive. But by the light of the moon, lustful desires play out behind closed doors

Welcome to the world of Conan, where the pirate’s life reigns free. Visit the Fyestone village where you may have to talk your way out of a jail cell but, they’ll make sure you at least survive long enough to make a profit from you! Hop on a riverboat and relax while you enjoy the surroundings and discover this curious new city of Khas Khemi.

There’s always something to quest for each day or something new to discover in these lands, though it may lead to trouble if you pick a fight with the wrong person. Think you’ll survive, come find out!

*Travel around the world in style with warps to the skyline maproom.
*Feel like a good fight? Visit the Arena. It’s open to visitors anytime and hosts events! Be sure to try out our new Jousting stadium.
*There are plenty of drinks to go around to celebrate after a good fight! Be sure to stop by the Stellar Phoenix or the Drunken Boar.
*For those who need a good rest, there’s a bath house ready to ease those sore muscles, complete with private bath.
*If you’re interested in a little naughty fun, there’s something for everyone!
*Don’t miss the upcoming training grounds to help buff up your skills for the next fight!

We are a new server focused heavily on RP. If you enjoy some adventure with story driven RP please join us!


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