How about a change to the teleportation system

It would be great if the character wouldn’t spawn at the obelisk until the game has finished loading. That’s probably one of the biggest faults in this game. Very frustrating to spawn and see that you have been killed by some kid lurking at the obelisk.


In general…it be nice to not be loaded at any point before you have control…

Logging into game, coming out of dungeon into sandstorm, teleporting… There needs to be some form of “can’t be hurt” intill you move/press button.

Thou… wearing mask can solve one. And other can be put off as you got murdered as your body Formed. XD

Gameplay wise… its nice to have control.

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I would rather not have any teleportation at all… but since we have it and it’s unlikely to be removed, would be nice to have damage immunity buff when you teleport that lasts until you move, equip a weapon, use an item, or any kind of interaction. Age of Conan has it, i don’t see why wouldn’t it be here aswell.

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