How about allowing lvl 60 characters to move servers?



I like the idea of creating a new server type on which transfers are allowed. Even with a limited amount of ressources, items et cetera - not just character progresssion.

Most PVP players I know that quit, quit because of boredom (played 3,200 hours on PVP servers). They want the action and the thrill but not the grind over and over again. And they like building too and don’t like leaving their buildings behind every time. They want them to be seen by others…

It’s funny that people call me/us potential abusers. You play on a PVP server. What’s the problem with me coming onto your server and right away attack you? Do you fear loss so much that you want players to stay out of your comfortable PVP(!) server? You are on an advantage already by being there first and you had the time to farm armors, weapons, explosives and build huge and safe bases. And there is still the raid timer and MAXPING/region lock.

What motivates you to play on a dead PVP server all by yourself or with your 10 allied players from two other clans?

We might have to discuss why people leave or left PVP servers. Is it because of ‘griefers’? Or because of boredom? Other reasons? Does raiding, destroying, killing equal ‘griefing’ or is it just the true brutal nature of a PVP game set in the Conan universe?

Why Blitz serves don’t work imho: I’ve invaded many servers, targeting the alphas. It’s incredible fun to plan and execute an invasion on their kingdom (many and often huge bases with a lot of loot) and it gets even more interesting if they are guys who really know how to build and fight. It’s also super entertaining seeing a new clan joining my ‘home server’ on which I’m in the alpha clan and defending our bases. Sadly this doesn’t really happen that often. Wiping every 30 days doen’t motivate anyone => no big bases to attack or to defend.

What do I want?

  1. Please let me embrace the defending and attacking more by
  2. separating players like me from PVE players disguised as PVP players by
  3. setting up a new server type catering towards this playstyle.

My long time mate (3,500+ hours on PVP servers) is hanging around on our old official server waiting for new players to join and attack us. He loves base building but the sad truth is noone is coming and challenging him. He even visited over 100 official servers and asked people to come to our server.

Why is noone coming?
I think that is indeed a problem. Many of my friends and many of you might had the same experience with your mates came to the point were we had to make a decision: We are bored. What do we do?
A. Stay.
B. Join a new server.
C. Leave the game until a major content patch gets released and servers are filled again.

And in most cases people I know went from A to B to C.

In retrospective I often saw the following development take place.
People start on a PVP server and want to interact with others. Some are more interested in attacking, fighting, raiding, destroying and others are more interested in defending, feeling the thrill of danger et cetera. At one point people give up and the server loses players. After a certain period of time there is noone to attack left and noone left who will or is capable of attacking you. And then people choose A (temporarily) to B (repeatingly) to C. And in the end they often chose C (leave the game until…) over B (join a new server). And that comes with a feeling of loss you don’t want to feel too often. And then there are those people who just stay on the server but would love to see people joining their server and create some action…

But how is that possible if people on other servers wish the same but the step to give up your stuff is just too big for both sides? And maybe ARK really does it better. I didn’t see me writing that one year ago but yeah.


Very skeptical about account transfer due to casuals being steam rolled by guilds that will jump servers to wreck other servers.

At the moment your account can play on as many servers as you want and leveling to 60 can be done in 4 days.

Enabling character transfers will just encourage griefers to move around.- and not have to work for their levels.

If you feel your server is dying and you want to play on a fuller server just go there and restart. There is enough info on how to speed level out on the internet that it should be no problem for you. - its not like this game is hard when it comes to leveling.


been saying this since day 1, without being able to have cross server the game will die and look, it died!


This is not an Mmo. Realm transfers happen on mmos. When it comes to Survival games… its pretty much standard that server populations go up and down based on content release cycles. When the next major update is released and the servers get wiped to add the new update check those same servers a day after. The population will be far greater.

I run a server and players always asking me to wipe the server because they believe players will all join once the server is shown as freshly wiped. I don’t wipe my server unless there is a massive gameplay update.
Currently this is slated as coming in September and thats when I will do so. Till then I try to have events for my players as long as my real life allows me to or my admins are on together to do it.


Stop spreading false Information. Nobody was able to confirm to get to 60 without help in 4 days.


As I said, don’t make all PVP servers like that. Create new ones and see how they are doinf in comparison. But anyways, why di people always expect to be steam rolled? Why don’t they trust their skills in defending successfully and take revenge by going onto their server?

The argument I often read looks like: ‘Oh, well. Don’t implement that because people will invade!’
Watch what really happens: Instead of being more active and engaged, people just leave the game because they also have bases and farmed a lot of thralls and so on and don’t want to give up that stuff over and over again just because they want a lively server. I would actually say that by repeatingly switch servers you more and more get into the mindset of purely focusing on raiding, fighting, destroying on every new server.

If you are okay with playing on a PVP server in peace, play PVE. But you don’t want to, right? I assume because the danger of being attacked is too much for casuals. That’s alright. My suggestion: New PVP server type with transfers allowed.

Well, which standards should a company aim for? The standard of the unsuccessful mass or the number one survival game (ARK)?


It’s true, pushed to lev 20 then started killing NPCs and exploring, at lev 40 just sat up north and kept murdering and thrall taking. It’s not the first time its been done. Someone else on my server did it faster than me. if you haven’t figured out how to do it then keep at it.

Prior to release you could do it in 2-3 days using a spear in EA.

Like this… 10-15 npcs at a time pulled and killed.

Now its about 5-8 due to how weapons work since they have been nerfed and the mechanics in fighting have changed.


Well, I have to agree with you. I can hit level 60 within one day on an official server. Well, not really since me and my best mate experienced that FC implemented a cap at level 50-something (exploring). But generally I reach level 60 on an official server within 24 hours. My record is about 4.5 hours (pre-nerf of discovery) but I did it again the day before yesterday and managed to hit level 60 within under 12 hours. Solo. No help.


I’m old i need my sleep all night power leveling is not my forte anymore. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Do you do that with grinding mobs or using tier 3 building?

I’m wondering if it could be done even quicker. 20 points in Survival, rest into encumbrance and just go to town with the best tool and tool upgrade you can make. T3 foundations give a ton of exp. For me its get to 30 and then build a place. By the time its done built I’m 60.


I’ve posted twice here already and read other response’s on this matter…I just want to play this game, I do. On the official server, my level 60 character has pvped against the same 4 people for the last 2 1/2 months, all I want is to transfer the level 60 character withno inventory or armour additions to another official server that has a higher population than the one I am on. I don’t see no grief in a but-naked level 60 character…but the gamer would have pvp experience. :slight_smile: Funcom has less than 3 months to fix problems like this before that next survival game comes out…you know which one I’m talking about…


In that time you could have casually leveled another character on the server you want to transfer to.- rather than wait for the ability to transfer make a new character and grind it on that server.


I don’t know the one you’re talking about.

Also, you could have leveled up another character or give in those 2.5 months. Stop being lazy.


I just don’t see the barrier for playing on a new server with needing to start over at level 1. Eat, drink, roll, climb, kick, and you’re already level 4. By the time you get to 30-35, you certainly aren’t end-game, but you have enough significance where you ought to be able to compete with other players and raid.

Certainly you cannot get to 60 nearly as fast as you used to be able to. I still do not see the leveling up requirements being a bar from fun and enjoyment on a new server.

Populations wax and wane. I have had to adjust several times to find a Goldilocks server that was “just right.” I simply do not agree that making level 60 transfers is a good idea.


And again with someone spreading false information. Without telling how it’s done. We are talking about official servers with the latest updated and NOT USING exploits.
If u know the way I advise you to make a video since it does not exist. You may get a few thousand clicks and a bit of money. Pretty much worth it for 12h work.

Even with the throne trick you need more time in collecting the materials. Yog boss kill trick is limited by its respawn. And so on…


If you can’t get to 60 in 4 days then you need to learn more about the game.

There is enough out there including information during EA for official servers which still works without using exploits which lets you tailor a grind that works for you. Official servers at the current moment with this stupid AI should allow you to hit 60 in 3days now without using exploits.

Surprised at your vehemence it can’t be done without using exploits. The routes to 60 are quick once you take building out of it.

Only thing I built were 4 T3 wheels and two vaults at 58-60 to get there,- Which I put into chest until I built the base I wanted.

Just kill stuff.- fastest way to 60 along with exploring forget building.


All I am asking is a transfer, why would I want to regrind to level 60 again?


They did not do it when people asked in EA and this is going to be no different with live.


I know a lot more stuff (no exploits) when it comes to building techniques, PVP and other things. Why should I share my knowledge? I’m actively playing on PVP servers and this knowledge gives me an edge over other players. I really don’t care about clicks and few cents from youtube. Most Youtubers produce nice stuff but not really high quality content for PVP players. Regarding the leveling: I probably have done it from 0 to 60 about 30 times all by myself only playing the game without any exploits or questionable actions. Just because you can’t do stuff it doesn’t mean it can’t be done by others.

Back to topic:
My suggestion was to set up an extra server type (maybe 10 servers for testing) with transfers of progression and items allowed.

The reason: People are not only invading bad guys but also players who like to build nice big bases and want to put them to a use (defending action e.g.). If you have to choose between going onto a new server and leaving the game, people often chosse leaving the game NOT because of the grind to level 60 in first place but because of rebuilding, farming res and thralls and so on. Reaching level 60 isn’t the hurdle. I don’t want to change the game experience for all PVP players. I want to try something new. Innovation?!


Not everyone has 12 hours in a row to play Conan. Some only have 2 or 3 hours, and not even every day. Those tens of thousands of players are bored, on dead pvp servers, and don’t have the will anymore to grind every minute they have to play, for three weeks, in the hope that the new server will be active by then.

Edit: Give them a chance to hop to an active server, staying at lvl 60, and they will feel some hope of getting some PVP action, and they will play! That in turn will motivate others to come back.

Also, we would welcome a big clan from another server coming to ours (1578) and trying to toss our $h1t. It’s all content. It keeps the thrill alive!