How about removing DK temporarily from xbox?

Since so many players have been unable to log for refreshing, shouldnt the DK timer be paused for xbox?

This is not the fault of the players. Yet they have so much to lose. 3 weeks + waiting for a hotfix is way, way too long FC.

P.S. How many times did this fix fail Micro Soft certification?


Donkey Kong? Is donkey kong on Xbox?

Probably? Incidentally, that was the first in a long line of Damsels in Distress, I saved! Some were even royalty!

Hi @Stinkyfingerton, there are no plans to provide an extended decay time but we’ll be sure to forward your feedback to the developers.

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Xbox is the only platform that still displays an extended summer decay message upon loading into a server, providing you can log.

And i was suggesting disabling decay outright, temporarily. Many xbox players have already lost everything due to decay timers on official servers they cannot log to refresh on. We are at 31 days since update killed xbox. The 2 week timer really helped…:roll_eyes:

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