How about some disease?

How about introducing disease into the game? You have a small chance that your clan contracts a disease. That chance grows based on clan size, # of thralls, interactions with NPCs and interactions with known disease carriers (IE other clans). The disease weakens the players and thralls and could potentially be fatal if not addressed with some alchemical healing.

Just throwing it out there.


we got zendesk, you want more?



No offense, but I need more RNG in Conan Exiles about as much as I need a hole in my skull. I prefer your idea about purges becoming more dangerous and less rewarding if you’re “too big”*.

* For a certain definition of “too big” that will get people foaming at the mouth in forum discussions only for Funcom to set it to the precise value that will maximize everyone’s unhappiness.


I think it can get out of control like the WOW pandemic of corrupted blood in 2005. I also think in a lot of ways that griefers and trolls could abuse it to hellish other players.


I’d be down for some pestilence but give covid some time off first…

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I want Diseases…

As part of Sorcery.

Like, as a debuff you can hex somebody with.


Which variant?

Oh heck yeah! This ^.

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I had it too, omicron i think, two days of low fever and aching body, on the third day, got confused and could not talk anything that maked some sense. The thing reached my brain and i got a viral meningitis and encephalitis. Respawned at hospital bed, and still there for 10 days. Teached my wife to log on CE to refresh the base. Three weeks away from the job, now im back and not even remeber the names of the tools i was used to work LoL. They want me to alone migrate a production database.

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