How about some type of loot cache item

How about an item that a player spawns in with that they can lay similar to a chest that can’t be looted or decay as long as you have an active character? Too many players leave servers and Conan altogether because they get raided and feel “wiped”. If a player had some sort of 10-20 slot cache that they can throw a kit into and then after they got raided, maybe they wouldn’t just quit and feel like they can’t come back. Logging in and being in the desert sucks!

on pvp first rule : two different bases whereyou split all your asset. this is a minimun.

I personally play with minimun of four bases/caches. if one or 2 bases wiped it’s ok, i still have enough

Decay system can be a struggle with this, but yes, having multiple caches accross the map can be lifesaving.

What i like to do (i play solo on pvp serv AND wisouth thrall because of some open tavern i tend to leave around [if people enjoy the place, they won’t blow it up in the first place^^]) is making speaded villages so raiders can’t take everything in one blow.

I got few mono-foundation tower aswell, that hide 1 chest with armor/weapon/conso in case of bein attack; i know that i will be outnumber & probably kill, so i try to plan with that in mind so i can still harass & defend my average loot xD.

Tho i would said that even in case of a wipe, levels are predominant, a 60 char will be back on track with new base within 4 hours.

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