How are bombs working?

Was thinking on the AOE effect. Do everything in the area tacke the same dmg or is the dmg spred out on the things in the AOE?
And how many blocks do the diferent bombs do effect on?

It deals more damage closer to the explosive and a bit less the further out you go.
I think the radius is 3x3, but I don’t really use them (explosives).

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But how do the damige spred? lets say if the bomb do 1000 damige, dos Everything in the area tacke the 1000 separade or is it the total for all blocks. Ex if you have a lamp on the wall that brake after 100 p do the block its sit on still get the 1000 p or 900 p when the lampe soke the 100p?

The best way to learn these things is to fire up SP and use the admin console for testing purposes.

But I’ll do that for you real quick.

Okay I created a 7x7 platform of black ice foundations and placed an explosive in the center.
All foundations took damage.

The center one took 10,892 damage after the fire finished burning.
1 block over took 9,342 damage. The next one over took 6,911 damage. The next one took 4,810 damage.

Now going diagonally… one over took 8,111 damage, the next one took 4,964 damage, and the next one took 2,587 damage.

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And what hapens if you put up some walles and decorations? Do they block the damage spred?

No, they don’t.
I just tried it with walls and chairs. All chairs took 5 damage regardless of how many walls they were behind.
I had chairs behind 1, 2 and 3 walls.

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And the same on the floor as on the first test i guess.

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