How big does a base needs to be in order to be purge elligible?

i am curious to see if there is a pre requisite for bases to be purge elligible , or is there anything regarding base size that the system use to prioritize their attacks?

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From my experience, it seems to prioritise the first base you build (if it still exists) even if it is 4 rocks and a roof. Built a larger base some way away, and did enough to trigger a purge; purge happened each time at my “dump stuff” hut near The Summoning Place :smiley:

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thanks! but i am not asking about points, question is if there is any pre-requisite for a base to be eligible for a purge, or if the system does prioritize size of base or number of items attached to it .

for instance, for a base to be elligibile ( hypothetically ) base needs to have a number of building pieces or have a door , or a chest. or a bench of ANY TYPE.

I have had purges at several bases seems to hit random don’t think size matters

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At one time thought it went where you spent time at last but that’s not the case. RNG?

there is no known size requirement. I will say from experience, they don’t like map rooms. Like really don’t. They tend to always target our map rooms. Can’t say i blame them, as I am one of few who thinks it trivializes all the work done to create different regions of the map.


I seem to recall there being something done a while back to make them a bit more likely to hit places you frequent as opposed to always hitting a sandstone foundation bridge you built way out in the middle of nowhere.

Beyond that, the size of your base doesn’t matter. They’ll still target it if all you’ve got is a single foundation piece.

IT will be great if someone from funcom (Wishful thinking) could explain if here is something within the purge that makes it (or not) hit a frequent place .

i have built several little (purge magnet) houses in volcano to see if RNG gods favor me.

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I dont think the size of the base matters. Also the purge level is kind of quirky. I had a full on 4 wave tier 2 purge at my base by the Den, and my very close proximity neighbor had a tier 1 purge just minutes after mine ended.

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Simple answer,
the size or even the type of the base makes no difference.
What stacks the meter up is how much you do in general.
For example, you’re meter is almost full and you log out for a few days …
you might find your purge meter has decreased a bit.


Are you playing online? I mean not singleplayer :smiley:
Because in single player I’m sure the purge will attack the base nearest to you no matter the size of it. I have an almost completely destroyed outpost - two walls and a foundation remaining - and they still tend to attack it whenever I do stuff near it with purple purge meter.

Lmao, for me its just having a bed and they all spawn at it 90% of the time. I put my bed on the roof during purges because of this, besides my encounter with a purge that was all razor gords, you can see me post in the suggestions if you want to read about that. Usually thralls just spawn a mile out from north, south, east or west no matter what you have. I had a tiny shack I was using to store build material consisting of one foundation and they tore it asunder like dogfish on a bloody steak.

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In my experience, this isn’t working properly. no matter where I am, the Purge won’t trigger until I’m close enough to one particular base, at which point the Purge strikes there.

Only in a handful of isolated cases has the Purge targeted another base of mine. Basically never the one I’d like, or the one I’m at. At one point, they targeted this:

That’s literally one triangular sandstone foundation, with four ceiling pieces attached to it. So no, I don’t think there are any sort of requirements for a base to be eligible to be Purged.


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