How bout that Funcom Stock tho?

Wow. Some heads are gonna roll.

The company’s stock actually tanked hard in the past 48 hours.

Right about now I imagine the CEO is having to answer some difficult questions from the Board of Directors, who are themselves getting calls from concerned majority stockholders.

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Just did a quick check and you’re right. Kind of shocked to be honest, I thought the game sold well? Certainly better than they expected as the server congestion shows. Are they having to offer refunds because of the server issue?

its cause the refunds steam having to do and other refunds… steam will get upset before to long and like i seen on many other games over sim stuff like this… once steam had enough conan will have to find other ways to sell their game without steam.

offer? haha no people are just doing charge backs and returns am im sure what little customer service is there is um…under heavy fire atm

but that is too funny, tho also sad, cuz now they will bring the hammer down on them and prolly gut all future possible content…well guess scorcery will never make it

I can only guess but its entirely possible sales have stalled.

Itsa Risky business wit zee fickle internetz.

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Investors typically do not look at how the stock has performed over a short period of time. The stock is still well above where it was at this time last year, so saying it has “tanked” is not really true. Even shortening the time frame down to 1 month, it is still higher than it was. What you are seeing is a normal adjustment that happens all the time due to issues that are happening on a global basis.


Actually while it did drop from 22.40 on the 8th to 19.20 currently that was after a uptick after the launch. which is down about 1.1 since the 7ths (20.30) over all though the Stock is up 48% in the last 6 months. It isn’t uncommon to see a sell off of stock like this after a product release.

While Apple is a bad example as there is a longer delay, they usually have sell off shortly after a product release.

No one is going to have a head rolling unless it continues on a downward path. Now that the game is released it could drop to $12 and everyone would be happy most likely. The Stock took a huge uptick right around the time EA launched and then dropped like a rock at it’s launch and then dropped again at the relaunch of Secret World. So most likely everyone was prepared and expecting one.

I wouldn’t read too much into it.

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Its not about the sold copies. They sold way more than expected. Funcom stock has a lot of history and there is a lot of small investors (like me) that always gets nervous right after launch. Its classic, you join the hype and sell at launch. FC stock for some reason goes down on positive news. But i think it will go up again to 22-25nok next week.

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