How can I build my base without it disappear?


I spend much time to build and farm my base, but I had to leave for two weeks (work trip) then all my stuffs disappear. Is there way this don’t happen? I’m upset and I don’t know what I have to do because in my base there were decoration, steel, a lot of thrall and it is not there anymore. Is it a bug or a abandon system? Can help me? I really unmotivated to started all again if all’s gonna disappear if I look to the another side.

There is a decay timer. After 6 days of n it being around a structure, parts will start to disappear or decay. This is helpful in that people who played and stopped don’t leave behind structures that clutter up the place.

However, if you have a long vacation you are out of luck. My suggestions would be…

Join an active tribe and work with them. They can babysit your structure while you are on vacation.

Alternatively, load up your inventory with the essentials you will need to rebuild after you return.

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This a good advice! Thanks! But 6 days is too few! :upside_down_face: Do you know it the safe box have a decay time?

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Thanks for your answer.

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