How can I remove another player's sleeping character?

Other player has been sleeping inside outer wall of my base. It’s in the way.
The player don’t log in the game for two weeks.
I don’t want to play at a base where other people’s characters are left unattended.
Do I need to move my base to other place?

If I move, he can make my base worthless just by sleeping at my base again.
This is an easy and terrible harassment.

I saw another thread on this - people recommended, if you’re on PVE, just walling him up - seal him in completely. That way, when he does log back in, his only way out will be to remove the bracelet and respawn elsewhere (because in PVE buildings can’t be damaged).

Assuming he entered your base deliberately (and you didn’t just expand your base around him), that sounds justified to me.

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Thank you for your reply.

He walked into my base and slept on the Wheel of Pain.
In the other game, if I lock in other character, then I may be banned.
But i will try it, because i think he won’t log in.
I will bury him in the foundation of the building.

That I don’t know about - it could be worth checking the rules with someone that knows, just in case. I wouldn’t want you to get banned for something I suggested. (It certainly seems fair to me, but I’m not in charge of anything…)

Train a world boss there, and let its AOE attack kill the player

This is interesting. This can also be something positive.

That player might think it may be a safe spot to log of and most probably might have admired and thanked you, speaking to himself. He doesnt need to be an evil player.

If I knew a place I have built is fully functional and newbies think it is a cool and safe place, I would invite them to stay and play with me. It is much better than dealing with fake thralls and pets to play with real players afterall.

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