How dissatisfaction this news is

Tames and pets before Sorcery. Have they tried to bury sorcery? Are we not getting sorcery? I was hoping sorcery first then pets.

chill down. im hoping for the ability to play my singleplayer game again! stay optimistic. im sure they cant make it worse :stuck_out_tongue:

They said there was a sfx artist or something along that line missing.
So I guess anything else regarding sorcery is missing as well? (Except for explosives.)
-> I guess sorcery would take more work to be done than pets.

Even more because I highly doubt they just started working on pets. I think its more likely that those cute cubs all around the map are meant to be tamed at some point. I may be wrong though.
But please, when adding pets, please add harvesting milk, eggs and similar as well. It would further enhance cooking and bases in general. (i.e. goats, ostrichs/birds and insects being tamed for produce)


I want a complete finished volcano and swamp…with working weather and purge… then they can come with sorcery…

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I frankly prefer getting pets before sorcery. Makes more sense, imho. To be honest, I’d just never give sorcery to the players in the first place and keep that for “high end” encounters to make this particular facet of the world more special.
Or I’d just give players a few sparkles and flashbombs and call that sorcery. Like “sorcerers” are mostly conmen and charlatans who happened to have mixed the right kind of powder by accident… :smiley:

And this is coming from someone who prefers “magic” to “pets” in almost every other games…

So ask for spells and animals and you will continue to play a game that should not be hit with such errors to the EA version. Well, unless you have so small expectations from the game and do not regret you spent money that you may have earned yourself :frowning:

Two sides of the same coin. Sure the game has many bugs. But frankly it also lacks content. So… Yeah. It’s just two different discussions.

You realize it was at E3 when they talk about sorcery. Flash bombs? That not good engough. They promised curses, Necromancer and transformations. You don’t go back on necromancery. Few games has the guts to add a proper necromancery or include necromancer at all.

What’s so difficult about Special FX? (relating to sorcery).

Particle effects cause issues all their own. Latency and Frame Rate issues galore.

Without a proper particle effects coding one magic spell can and will crash an entire server. Visual distance issues and severity of the spell can all cause major stability issues…

We sacrifice our enemies on altars of the Outer Gods in exchange for magic potions.

We throw orbs full of elixirs that create flames, explosions, clouds of poison gas.

We sometimes even shapeshift into gigantic avatars of the Outer Gods.

How much more sorcery do you need?

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…“need”? None.
But… Shapeshifting into some werehyena/-snake sounds interesting. Or raising a skeleton for a few minutes…
Or even becoming a skeleton if we die with 50% corruption… :star_struck:

You realized alchemy isn’t sorcery. Understand the reglion system isn’t sorcery.

We have ZERO sorcery as of now. We need sorcery. The skeletons better be permanent. Since you need a dead thrall body.

Lich are undead with a will. They are very powerful magic casters of necomcery arts. Do not asume a Lich is weak. For that power of the avatar is weak compare to a Lich’s true power.

i think you dont understand Robert E Howards vision for sorcery

Instead of particle FX, why not distortion FX?

This is just my opinion. I feel the game is fine how it is just needs the bugs fixed. As far as sorcery goes I don’t feel it belongs in Conan. I loved the movies and feel the game should stay as close to script as possible. You want sorcery play Skyrim. Just my opinion

Not to mention I believe the newest Conan was a joke compared to the original with Arnold. He made a much better Conan and the story line was far better. Again just my opinion.

I understand the movies are really just loose interpretations of Howard’s works.

I did an internship for SFX art. They’re a rare breed, technical artists, and expensive. I figure funcom can do taming with the staff they have on hand right now. No new staff required. This is why we’re getting it first.