How do baby animals spawn?

Hi guys. New player to CE here. Just wondering about how baby animals spawn. Do they spawn at a random chance in place of an adult or do they require adults nearby to spawn? I ask because I accidentally killed a baby salamander at night and I haven’t seen one spawn since. I’ve been culling the adults in the spawn areas for an hour or two now and still no babies. I figured I must be doing something wrong.

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Some places are a guaranteed spawn for bady animal.
But it look like the baby animal you talking about share it spawn point with the adult. The baby would spawn less often than the adult, so best way take note how many adult you have kill if less than what you expected there may be a baby about.


Certain animals seem painfully difficult to spawn babies, salamanders being one of them. No 100% spawn point for them that I’m aware of.


When a mommy animal and a daddy animal love each other very much…


The shoebills and the bees


Thanks! This confirmed my suspicion that the adults and babies (for the salamanders, at least) share the same spawn point. Unfortunate, but it is what it is.

I probably should have set up a dinner date for them first eh? :wink:


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