How do I convince my friends to move

We started the games a few days ago and we are right by the starting area and I really wanna move to see what’s out in they world but the keep refuseing

You aren’t restricted to having just one base, and given how people’s creative differences can clash, it’s not uncommon for each member of a clan to be the “lead architect” of a separate base. On PvE servers, many clans have [if not full bases, then] outposts by each of the NPC capitals (the colored city icons on the map). This way, it’s never a far run to drag a thrall back to a wheel of pain. Even in PvP, I understand that it’s useful to have backup bases or secret hideouts as insurance against a raid wiping out everything in your main base.

So my advice is, mention these facts to your clanmates and express that part of the appeal of the game for you is branching out and that you mean to scout out and start building up a second location to help diversify their access to new resources and also to increase stability. Remember, no need to abandon the existing base or even for them to necessarily help you, but they’ll be glad you helped expand later and may come to join you once their confidence has grown.

Oh, and a handy trick: keep a bed and a chest with a set of gear at one place, and a bedroll and a duplicate set of gear at the other. If you need to return to one quickly in case of a purge or raid, you can stow your gear at one base, remove your bracelet, and select to respawn at the other base.

Have fun!


Thanks for all this info but we aren’t on a server

Oh, so you’re playing co-op and are limited by the tether distance? Well, you can always setup a server on one person’s computer and run the game from the same computer provided it’s a pretty decent machine with a good Internet connection. This is what my old clan did for some time.

Alternately, you can always rent a server just big enough for you and your friends and then upload the save file to it. I’ve transferred the save file from my old clan’s server to my single-player, back to a dedicated server and back again with no issues. If you need to locate the save file, you’ll find the game.db file it in the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved

EDIT: Aaand I just spotted the PS4 tag. Perhaps someone else can help explain if/how you can transfer the save file. If not, since you only just started playing, you wouldn’t lose much progress if you restarted with an actual server.

Well thanks again but I’m a PS4 player also I have no money

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