How do I fill stacks of glass flasks with water in one pass?

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [anywhere]

The only ways I’ve found to fill tons of glass flasks with water is to put them on my hot bar and mash the key over and over (cannot hold it down to fill back to back), and someone reported on reddit that you can cook them with ice, which I won’t ever have enough ice to fill all of these.

Is there a way to fill a stack at one time?

As it stands I have around 2000 glass flasks I need to fill with water to make lots of other stuff, I’m going to wreck my fingers and keyboard pressing the same key that many times. I’m not looking to use a macro either, shouldn’t be needed for this. I should have an in game way to reasonably fill these.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Melt crystal to glass
  2. Make a glass stone thing to make glass flasks
  3. Stand in water
  4. Press the fill button over and over, can’t mass fill them in one go

This may have been designed that way, I have not seen it done any other way except put on hot bar and mash, mash, mash all day long.

One by one is only way. It’s always been that way that I know of. I played early access and it was that way then as well.

On pc what I am using, is the use button in inventory on the flask, go close to a river, look down, press use it will fill your flask. If you have a keybord with a macro system, just create a macro an then repeat just by staying pressed on the button. Or spam the use key. It will fill your glass very quickly.

I’ve not seen any other way to do this either. If I need to do a lot, I fill my toolbar with stacks then spam press all the numbers at once, this speeds it up a little but it’s still not fast.


You’re lucky it’s that way right now.
If your finger gets tired … just give it a rest of use another finger.
Considering some of the animations they are considering implementing (bandaging, drinking, etc) …
If you get hit with that, you’re going to lose your mind and it will make you wish that you had filled your glass flasks as you made them instead of stockpiling them.

Use a script to spam F every 10 milliseconds. You’ll be done in a few seconds.

They should be changed to work like jars in 7 Days to Die, though.
You can fill an entire stack of water jars with one click.

I use this:

I put stacks of empty glass flasks on hotbar 1-6 and spam press the button to fill 120 at a time.

The reason I don’t do 7 and 8 is my thumb isn’t quite that big and you need an overflow for the filled glass flasks as they will go to 1-6 if they do not already have a spot to go to when you start.

Takes me about 3-5 minutes to fill about 900-1200 water flasks at a river. And you do need to use a natural water source… wells won’t cut it at this volume.

On Xbox you don’t have to put them on your hot bar just click on them in your inventory while standing next to or in water.

PC too, but the problem is having to do 1 at a time unless you do it like @Taemien or PitMonk mentioned.
Running a macro or script like I demonstrated above makes it very easy and fast though.

They should change it so that we can fill entire stacks at a time, but for now we can use these workarounds. At least on PC anyway.

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