How do i get a refund

You release a new game and only have 4 official servers with a 40 person cap for the entire Oceania region wtf where you thinking. I cant play single player because you have made the bosses to hard to kill solo and will only play on official servers as I don’t like cheaters. I prefer and play pve but alas 2 servers for oceania only 80 people max can play your game. This is not good enough if oyu are going to release a game you should make it so people can play you have failed to do this and I should be given a refund.

Then you’ll have to play solo or not at all. Cheaters are rampant on official servers.

You may want to consider starting a Singleplayer/Co-op game. That way you can control who comes and goes from your map by limiting access to those players you invite personally.

If you would still like a refund you will need to contact the retailer that sold you the game for assistance.

any news on the infinite login screen on SA servers? now it migrated to private servers too, its geting a bit long to solve and we are not able to play the game as intended… i wont threat to leave the game cause i like it, but ill like to get to know at least if there ir an ETA on the solution, its been almost a week now
ty very much, so far i have been very glad on the costumer service of Funcom, and i get the idea the problem is with the host and so, but i really want to get back to play, some friends told me they ca login eventully, some say you need to stay on the login screen 30 mins. I see ppl conecting to the servers tho, what means some ppl can conect, and thats the worst part, cause there are players able to advance in the game, wile other like me and my buddyes that spent almost 6 or 10 hours on a server cant protect our stuff. at least close the servers wile u solve the issue, so all the players have the same chance to play ones solved

Good luck on refund. It’s nearly impossible to get one just cause your not happy with game. In most cases they just send you another copy.

You can actually ask a refund on Steam if you have solid proof that the game is not supporting your region anymore. The game is being sold in South American countries and we are not able to play it, so it is logical to ask a refund.

O well that’s different I was thinking because of full servers

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