How do I get Barbed Cloak of Vapor?

You used to get it for linking your account to steam. I would post a guide but links are forbidden, so you can just Google: “Henryx – Age of Conan Blog barbed cape” and it’s the first or second link.

I swear I did this at one point. Because I remember it was the only way to login via Steam or something.

I’ve tried and looked everywhere and it doesn’t seem possible anymore to do this. Does that mean it’s not possible to get this awesome looking cape anymore? Is there any way to get this cosmetic anymore?

you should be able to type /claim in the games chat window to see a list of any items claimable on your character or account. If it’s not there, you’re out of luck. There is no current method for tying your aoc account to your steam account. The old page where those screenshots were taken for Henry’s blog has since been deactivated.

The only claims I have is the Mammoth, Mammoth bag and some potions. That really sucks if there is no way to do this anymore. The cape looks really great and covers up the initial really ugly look of a character.

The barbed cloak of vapor is automatically added to your account if and only if the account has been created with the steam version of the game.

See Hyak’s following answer.

Age of Conan: Unchained - Hyborian Conqueror Collection on Steam ( Age of Conan: Unchained - Ultimate Level 80 Bundle on Steam (

You can buy either bundles on steam and register the cd key - it gives you the cape.

Ah well yeah that’s not possible because my account is like 14 years old :frowning:

Thanks for the reply. I have got a bundle from a few years ago already but I think it was a bundle offered directly by Funcom and not via Steam so I didn’t get the cape. It was some bundle that gave me the expansion + a level 80 character + mammoth riding and a mammoth bag etc. No cape though :frowning:

So now it looks like the only way to get this cape is to have linked your legacy Funcom account with Steam when that was possible, or buy a bundle on Steam for something I already have… (aka the expansion or a level 80). I don’t want a level 80 boost. I just want the cape.

EDIT: I managed to find the DLC on sale for 13€ and I grabbed it. Sure enough it came with the Cloak and a few other things like the Ice Bear mount. Nice! Thanks a lot Hyak! Now I can at least look at my character XD

I forgot about that method ! good reminder !

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