How do I get involved in the translation team?

As I said in the title, I’m willing to help with the translation, well, only for the language I speak. I don’t know if there are people actually working on it but it seems like google translate to me, especially the journal. Also, steam achievements never got translated, dunno about other platforms though. Except that, I haven’t found anything else that need translation, so it would be best if someone can just tell me who do I talk to, where should I look, or is there something like a website where people do all the translation? If there is, please let me know, really appreciate it.

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According to their web page, Funcom Publishing handles localization projects. You could contact them. Or if you’re interested in working for Funcom, apply on their Jobs page or contact one of the e-mail addresses found on

According to her LinkedIn page, the current localization manager at Funcom is Raisa Kullberg. I don’t know if she frequents these forums, but maybe someone from the @Community team can prod her to contact you.

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