How do I get the Server Setting Tab to show in a single player game?

How do I get the Server Setting Tab to show in a single player game?

As @drachenfeles said, it is there. Just press ESC, then go to Settings and the last tab is the Server settings.

So go to the Settings → Server settings → There is a button ‘Make me an admin’ → You can set the sliders to whatever value you want!


The problem is the server setting tab is not showing … how do I get it to show?
I can’t get the Server setting tab to show so that I can make myself an administrator

Press ESC - it should be there. What screen resolution are you using?

Correct … but mine ends at Keybindings … and 1920x1080
I know it’s likely something I haven’t clicked properly … but F’d if I know what :smile:

Wait … do I have to have that Battle Eye thingy activated?

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What the…? :laughing:
Can you upload a screenshot what you see in the settings menu?

BattlEye is an anticheat, used in multiplayer, I even uninstalled in SP, so it shouldn’t be the problem.

This is from the settings option at the main Menu

From here:


Uhh, that’s strange.

But wait! Do you use any resolution-altering software?
Maybe a scaling problem. Is the resolution of your monitor the same as the game’s?

You could try navigating in the menu via the keyboard, by pressing the right arrow. I don’t know if that works tho’, I always used the mouse, but worth a try.

And if that did not work, there is still a workaround: if you are familiar with .ini editing (not hard, text files, a simple notepad opens it for you), you can change the settings manually in them.

System and game res both 1920x1080
Unable to navigate with arrow keys.
I have modified .ini files but would have no idea what file or what values to change … I’m pretty sure you agree, this shouldn’t be this hard LOL>

BTW, thank you so much for your trying to help :slight_smile:



You are right, I didn’t even notice that! :rofl:

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Yes thank you that does work once you are in game … but that means you can never start a game where you have admin rights while doing character generation. Is that the case?

Yeah, I’m not sure you can. But then again, why would you need admin rights during character creation? Especially for single player. All the server setting adjustments can be done right before you start a new game, and if you need to make changes later you can give yourself admin privileges immediately after you’ve finished making your character.

Thank you all for your help


Start a new game, then instead of choosing a preset like “barbaric” etc.
Choose “custom” the server settings and sliders are then available before character creation.

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