How do I remove, dismiss, or otherwise disable the DLC nag?

Every time I open Conan Exiles, or every time I return back to the Main Menu with Conan Exiles open, the “buy me!” DLC reminder keeps popping up. In order to proceed to my online game, another server, or my Single Player sandbox, I must click to dismiss the DLC reminder (hereafter: “DLC nag”).

How can I permanently remove, dismiss, or otherwise disable the DLC nag? I own one of the two DLC modules. I would probably buy the other DLC, if I could count on the game to improve gameplay and performance by correcting existing systems. However - I have come to learn that even if I own both DLC modules, I would still end up being subject to the DLC nag.

Please someone (or… even Funcom!) - how do I disable the DLC nag?

Many thanks in advance!


I wondered the same thing the twentieth time I dismissed it…


hmmmm…never had that happen to me before as I dont think I would be of much help especially since I just recently bought both DLCs today so I might not see it though I will try to help the best I can.

Are you on testlive? It may not be implemented in live yet. Otherwise, it may just be for those of us who only have 1 or none of the DLC’s.

That is most likely the case as I’m not on testlive.

I’ve been getting this nag-ware and I’m on live with both DLCs purchased.
My partner has only one of the DLC, so I’ll have a look if I get the nag-ware on both computers we use.
Regardless I wish they’d remove it. If they want to advertise/push it then put it discretely in the side of the pages we read whilst logging in instead of blocking out my screen. I generally have a push-back “no I won’t buy stuff you push in my face” response to such nag-ware.


That Nag-ware does seem a “tad bit” too aggressive… Seems a bit desperate almost o_O

Surprised it’s not popping up on the internet everywhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I own both dlc’s and it still happens to me. It’s not every single time, but the fact that it happens is kind of ridiculous since I already own them. XD


I’ve only gotten it twice, each times on the days the DLCs were released. Maybe I’m just lucky?

Same. Might it be a mod causing this? I haven’t gotten it since the first time either.

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Nope. Not mod-related.

Bought the Aquilonian DLC - still get the nag screen every time I visit the main menu, whether on launch or returning from in-game. Not a big deal, but seems lame. It only started after the latest hotfix I think.

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I own the Khitan DLC and never get that screen. A friend of mine has no DLC and gets it every time.

I am completely unmodded, vanilla. I own the Aquilonian DLC, I do NOT own the Khitan DLC. I only play the officials, and I seldom set foot on TestLive.

I think that this is controlled by the JSONs that do the right side panel “news” updates. If it were possible to disable these all together, I would happily give up these banner updates to have the DLC nag disabled.

Has anyone figured out a solution for this?

Other than buying the other DLC (which I now refuse to do out of principle!) - no.

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