How do I report a player for griefing?


This player on my server spawn camps me and others. He’s definitely a griefer.

I recorded him while he repeatedly spawn camped in the Highlands. He spawn camped me while a purge was attacking my base. This guy is online almost all the time which I find suspicious. Might he be sharing his account?

Also I think his name is in violation of the rules.


I don’t think spawn camping is against the rules in any pvp mode so I doubt that is a reason to report anyone. You can read what to report and where you can report people here:

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In most of the private pvp servers spawn kill is insta ban. Spawn kill is the greatest mistake this game has, so in every private pvp server i ever played it was the first rule. I can understand the thought that teleporting must be dangerous but i do not agree with it, i believe that this action has no sports spirit, no honor and it shouldn’t happen. I don’t mind dying from a panther or a volcano npc, it is on the dificulty of the game, but dying from a coward is upsetting me, so this actions should have rules by now and punishment, it is not a new game after all.

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How dose it work, do the player get a warning first so they have a chanse to fix it or do they get blocked direct?

Lol, no its not.

So someone jumps you as you teleport in at an obelisk and you want them punished? Am I getting that clear? If so, you want to punish players for pvp’ing on a pvp server?

Can you DM me his name? Im very curious as to what it is.

My two cents, some people take camping players bases a bit far, if you do it for quite a while. But, keep in mind, it is a pvp server, so you always run the risk of getting into a fight. If you are upset that someone is camping your base…don’t go out to see him, or if you do, go naked and run around him. During a purge can be harder, sure, but welcome to the game. You are not safe from other players during purges!

Pvping, are you wearing pants? Pvp is fight between two players, a mans fight is face to face, this what you call is stabbing in the back, womans fight, so i am asking you again, are you wearing pants?

No, youre wrong. Player vs player does not mean you stand there back to back, take ten steps then turn and begin gentlemans duel. Sorry, that’s not how it works.

PVP games like Conan is pretty much a free for all. You hunt people and kill them, doesn’t matter how (without cheating or exploiting of course) and part of that is yes, waiting to spring a trap on them, waiting at an obelisk, jumping people when they are farming or thralling. Ill admit to waiting on top of a persons base for them to leave so I could jump them. They’ve done it to me as well. Its the risk you take when you walk out of your base. Ill admit to having fights where we vastly outnumber the enemy. Ive been in fights where it was a 4v1 and I was the solo (heck yeah I killed them and stole their god token :O).

Bottom line, anything goes.

I’m pretty sure that @stelagel is talking about something very specific to this game: the fact that you can get killed while you’re looking at the loading screen, not even knowing you’re vulnerable and being attacked.

Taking advantage of a gameplay flaw like this one is execrable, but I don’t think this should be bannable. What I believe is that Funcom should plug the proverbial hole in their metaphorical ship and fix this kind of crap.

Obelisk camping would be just fine if you appeared at your destination and had control of your character immediately. As it is, you can get ganked because the game isn’t coded properly.


It’s unsportsmanlike, dishonorable and ungentlemanly, this is true. But this isn’t a French court where men of dignity and good upbringing duel according to tradition. This is a brutal, savage wasteland where people fight to survive. Expecting honorable conduct will lead to disappointment.

Conan himself had no scruples when it came to luring enemies into traps and ambushes, striking men down from behind and other underhanded tactics. The theme of the game is barbarian fantasy, not Three Musketeers.

That said, spawn camping in any game is silly and pointless, and private servers can make their own rules of engagement. However, it would be unreasonable to ask everyone on public PvP servers to “fight fair”.

I feel like massive parts of the source material for this game would fall under the category of ‘no sports spirit, no honor’. Unless your bed is placed in the open, how exactly does one ‘spawn camp’?

Ignoring the immense naivete and sexism of man’s fight vs woman’s fight bit, I question whether, in many of the stories, Conan was wearing pants. And spawn kill was the first rule on your private servers? Really?

Attacking a player during a purge seems like a pretty legit strategy. He doesn’t want you getting purge thralls, and attacking while you’re distracted and weak, while not noble, is definitely not bannable. The OB kills might represent a problem in the code that should be fixed, but they can get in line with all the others, don’t punish players for that. Most people would probably put that in the same category as me teleporting to jungle yesterday to find myself surrounded by walls 30 blocks high. Dck move for sht stain ■■■■■■■, but not bannable.

No this is the real world. It’s a game.
@Maedhros Maedhros. See the above.

Comparing it to the source material and equating the morality and ethics of the Conan stories with that of the game is cherry picking. Conan himself said “I would not slay you” to Ascalante. You haven’t even read the books you reference.

I bet this is your strategy whenever someone complains of spawn camping.

Did any of Conan’s adversaries pop back on top of a bed or bed roll? In the nude? No? Well then you’ve just made your entire point moot.