How do I report players that legitimately cheat/exploit on PvP Official?

The title says it all. I play on PS4 Official PvP and recently have witnessed a new tribe blatantly cheating. Killing many players on my server who I know personally and thus know their skill level and builds. This new tribe is using quite a few known bugs/glitches/exploits. Do I just have to deal with it? Or is there a reporting service Funcom implements that I can send pertinent info to? This will undoubtedly cause many long time players to quit playing. A few have already left for good. A prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

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Basically not a lot of hope anything will be done about them… Funcom does not have what we consider normal Admin support for official servers … see their official post about it

And if you know how they are doing it then you can send the details either to a community manager privately on the forums or to the link in this post:

There is a place to report as @Kwalya posted. Be certain to supply as much details as possible. If you sending partial clips or screenshots it might not be taken as serious because Funcom will have to wonder what was said or done in the part you didn’t send.

Be honest; be accurate; and be detailed.

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Yeah, I doubt the offending tribe will sit still for incriminating video recordings. Lol. Just found a meshed base as well. Blatant cheating. I’ll probably just quit. This game doesn’t have the support it needs and so imo is a failure.

Yeah Ive seen that post, it’s just for explaining, in detail, how glitches are performed. Everyone knows how to do the glitches. There are multiple videos online that explain it. But with no place to report clans/players who blatantly exploit and cheat, I feel this game is already in the grave. It will get to a point, in official servers, where cheating will have to be done just to be on par. Thanx for the response though.

If you are enjoying the game mechanics but find the official servers not to your liking, then have a look at the various non-official servers in your time zone.
many of them have active Admin staff to enforce the rule-set they create.

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