How do I report server misconduct?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [LATAM]

[How does the game let a player from another clan put a block in front of my building just so I can not build?]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Well I myself always place shrines down around where I’m building and before I build claiming set land shrines are nothing to craft and some people are just douches I got kicked from a spot from a clan because they were higher lvl guess what lvl I’m at now and they should have bombarded me because now I’m ready to take my spot back.

now I can not continue to increase the height of the wall that I started yesterday because it is saying that the land already has owner as I can build something yesterday and today I can not anymore

I play on the server pve I can not destroy his blocks

I am having the same issue I can not build any where my clan has already build on and it is not fair. Someone is troll in us smh. I says land already claimed and I am like how we have already build on this land. I am on official server 3880.

Nothing you can do except troll them back… There’s no admin on official

It’s not letting me build it inside my wall because it says that it already has an owner.

Hey @japa0911

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustrating situation.
Here’s our official stand regarding harassment and griefing ingame:

Thanks for the answer.
Actually there are many constructions that disrupt the locomotion in the game but this is sometimes contourable, now that I know it can be done I will be more aware of this type of construction I heard from another player that there is a construction inside the archeduct.
But in my case unfortunately the only person harmed by this other clan is my own clan because they surrounded my construction with a simple building block and a torch on top.
I tried to contact the clan staff but one ignored me and another entered my party and said that the boy who ignored me put blocks in my construction because I broke their siege weapon, I do not know how I broke the siege weapon after all I game on a fully PVE server which is what makes me sadder as we should all cooperate with each other.
my suggestion for such cases as mine do not know if it is possible would be when there is a simple block of construction more than a few days without anything built after the system enable for any player to demolish the block as already is done with abandoned constructions in the PVP ms only in cases of a single loose block in the middle of a terrain without walls or a construction.
If there is any way for me to report this player that I mentioned above please inform me that I will try to do

even against toxic players who insult in-game, harass and block entire regions, they do nothing

unfortunately who plays the right way is always wrong always who is right is that you need to be proving that you are being harmed, but I really enjoyed the game so I’m trying to get my base straight as I can
and gradually I build where I can

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