How do I turn my co-op game into a server?

I would like to turn my co op game with its buildings and thralls into a server for my friend and I to play on, how do I do this? I already know how to do co-op, but I want him to be able to play while im offline. Is this possible?

I think merging the co op database with a server database is pretty hard, i checked to see if i had tools on my server or a file registry that could be used but came up empty.

Closest i got was to give players levels,skills ,recipes,thralls and materials to be able to start as close as possible to where they left the single player game

There is room on my server if you want to start over in the way described above and don’t mind a few mods

PVP on the server is a opt in or out deal

That should as simple as just copying the game.db from your coop folder over to the dedicated server corresponding folder. It shouldn’t even be a big file, depending on how many blocks you already placed in your coop game.

The “hard” part is indeed to get the dedicated server running. Either you have to rent a hosting solution, or you host locally - both with pros and cons. Biggest con of local hosting being, of course, you have to own a pretty solid computer to run both the server and the client with minimum performance hit. And you have to keep your own computer powered on and online for your friend to play.
Biggest con of renting a server is that you may not have access to all parameters and maybe not to the world folder. Can’t say, I’m hosting locally on my spare computer …

I am perfectly fine with renting a server, I just don’t understand the logistics of transfering my co-op save to the server, will I have access to that? How would I get it to the server host without the computer being local? I don’t understand much about this stuff.

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