How do or can I get my character back?

I have two steam accounts mine and my SOs, and after I switched back to mine it is making me create a new character. I had a character with a bunch of stuff on there. Do i have to restart completely? is there no way to get that save back? Why would it reset my character if it is on single player both accounts?

On PC the game saves the game in a local folder. I don’t think it’s account-based, but based on local installation. So if you both play on the same physical machine, you share the Saved folder (ie. the latter player overwrites the previous save files).

However, on PC there is a workaround. You can manually copy your save files to another folder, let the other person play, then copy their saved game files to another folder and copy yours back into the original folder. This way you can swap between accounts. It’s a bit of a hassle, though.

Another workaround is the much praised Mikey’s Toolbox which lets you have multiple characters in a single save file.

As for recovering your old character: depending on how long the other person had played, one of the backup save files in the Saved folder may still contain your play data. The game-db file is the most recent and should contain the other person’s save data. Copy this somewhere else to safety and rename one of the backup files to game.db and see whether your character loads. (Sorry, I’m not at my home computer right now so I can’t tell you the exact folder paths or file names.)

You sure I have like 5 accounts that I switch between/ main account an 4 family share accounts different steam same computer.

No, I’m not sure. It just sounded like a logical explanation to what happened to Salemmew. I don’t know how multiple Steam accounts on one computer actually works. Just my folder path to the save folder doesn’t seem to be linked to a user profile. (This could naturally change if there were more than one Steam user on my computer, it might create separate paths for all users.)

In any case, that’s at least one idea for Salemmew to start troubleshooting his/her case. Check the installation folders and see whether there’s only one place the game saves.

Also, the situation probably changes depending on whether Salemmew and the other person play Single Player or Multiplayer.

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