How do shield stats work?

All shields have a damage and armor penetration stat.
How are those damage and armor penetration stats used?

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The way I interprete this is any attack that uses the shield strike, that is the damage and pen that strike has.

If you have sword and shield, you should notice that every other hit of your combo is a shield strike.

great minds think alike I guess, I was just thinking this very thing last night while teaching my son about the game. Looking forward to answers from those that do quantitative testing! (Looking at you, @Firespark81 !)

Doubt this is the case. If you equip a Lovetap with a shield; the shield bash won’t do any additional damage beyond what the Lovetap does.

If you use a predatoray blade with a throwing axe heavy combo, you will deal more than 1 damage a strike.

I read in a few older threads and posts that shield stats are not working (anymore) because of removed / never implemented mechanics. They say the only important thing is durability since you don’t need to repair the shield so often and can block more hits.

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