How do we craft the pride of aesir in siptah?

it says crafted at frost templey smithy. (problem is there is no frost temple here)

i want to believe the other one since is siptah only can be made at the regular improved armorer bench?

So you’re saying you can learn Frost Giant armor by delving Pride of Aesir pieces?

i unlocked the pride of aesir armor , by delving the pieces we got from a aesir surge, but you cant use them, (you can repair the pieces) but you cant build it, must be a bug ,

whats the point of adding an armor recipe (despite of its quality) if it cant be made?

Because the expansion is not yet complete. That’s why it’s called early access. It’s just another way of saying “You can buy the game early so you can beta test it.” So things like this are bound to show up.

Armor recipes with no workbench to use them on. Grey Lupine nowhere to be found. Normal baby elephants, a key component for a DLC item, supposedly only available from a specific summoned surge. Empty vault chests. Emote and feat items hidden under the mesh. These and many more are all kinks that need identified so they can be addressed sooner or later. The fact that they exist is not unexpected.

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