How do we repair WHEEL OF PAIN

Official PVE server PC.

Since my last purge i repaired all the buildings of my base but the wheel of pain won’t repair. What’s the trick pls?
Note it’s a medium wheel of pain placed on black ice foundations and i’m using a steel repair hammer.
I have all the mats and the cost of the repair shows up normally but when i hit it with the hammer it just doesn’t do anything.


Hi @roro4066 and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We will pass this information over for further investigation. In the meantime, can you please provide us with the wheel location (coordinates or a screenshot of the map) and the server number?

Thank you for helping us with this report.

Thanks Dana.

At the moment all i can tell you is that it’s server 1049 EU PVE.
i forgot how to get the exact coordinate of a location in this game, sorry.
It’s in the shallow waters at the mounds of the deads pretty close to a talkable NPC called “Braga” (around 30 -40 foundations south of him)
Also, note that this is happening after several server restarts. It’s not from today that this wheel has been damaged.

Hope this can help.


Use duct tape. We fix everything with duct tape and a sledge hammer. :crazy_face:

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I’ve had this happen to me as well. Just could not make a repair to my wheel. I was moving my base soon and didn’t really care, but should have mentioned something in Testlive (sorry about that)

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